Our commitment to excellence defines our company. It is demonstrated by close attention to detail in the daily maintenance and management of our properties, our responsiveness to the needs of our clients and investors, the services that we offer, and our daily business activity.


The Property Management division provides marketing, management, maintenance and administrative services for our clients who require an effective combination of people, ideas and techniques to optimize the return on their investment.


The underlying premise of our company is that real estate is a most valuable asset that must be carefully developed to its highest and best use and managed with care to protect and enhance its value. We believe that bricks, mortar and timbers provide only a vehicle for achieving optimum capital appreciation and yield on the investment.


Since its inception in 1981, the business of Jackson Property Company has been based on increasing the productivity of a variety of real estate investments to meet the shelter needs of an expanding population and to offer meaningful investment vehicles for its clients. This has meant acquiring, rehabilitating and modernizing, managing and disposing of properties when the development has achieved its maximum appreciation and the return on the investment is at its peak.

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